Green Leafy Vegetables research focused on Endothelial Dysfunction

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97 Diseases Researched for Green Leafy Vegetables
Prostate Cancer: Prevention160Locked
Diabetes Mellitus: Type 2: Prevention240Locked
Diabetes Mellitus: Type 2629Locked
Cardiovascular Diseases323Locked
Oxidative Stress1022Locked
Bladder Cancer120Locked
Bladder Cancer: Prevention120Locked
Cardiovascular Disease: Prevention120Locked
Lung Cancer: Prevention220Locked
Magnesium Deficiency120Locked
Colon Cancer517Locked
Breast Cancer416Locked
Cognitive Decline/Dysfunction314Locked
Lung Cancer313Locked
Colorectal Cancer312Locked
Diabetes Mellitus: Type 1612Locked
High Cholesterol211Locked
Appetite Disorders110Locked
Breast Cancer: Prevention110Locked
Cholesterol: High110Locked
Depressive Disorder110Locked
Exercise-Induced Tissue Damage110Locked
HDL: Low110Locked
Periodontal Diseases110Locked
Weight Probems: Appetite 110Locked
DNA damage68Locked
Diabetes: Kidney Function 24Locked
Dioxin Toxicity 14Locked
Furan Toxicity 14Locked
Insulin Resistance24Locked
Liver Cancer34Locked
Mercury Poisoning24Locked
Cancers: All23Locked
Cervical Cancer23Locked
Chemotherapy-Induced Toxicity: Cisplatin23Locked
Diabetes: Oxidative Stress23Locked
Lipid Peroxidation23Locked
Advanced Glycation End products (AGE)12Locked
Aging: Brain 12Locked
Anemia: Iron Deficiency12Locked
Arsenic Poisoning12Locked
Bisphenol Toxicity12Locked
Breast Cancer: Lung Metastasis12Locked
C-Reactive Protein12Locked
Cancer Metastasis12Locked
Colon Cancer: Prevention12Locked
Colorectal Cancer: Prevention 12Locked
Creatinine Clearance: Dysfunction/Imbalance12Locked
Diabetic Neuropathy12Locked
Diabetic Ulcer12Locked
Endothelial Dysfunction12Locked
Gastric Ulcer12Locked
High Fat Diet12Locked
High Fructose Diet12Locked
Infertility: Male12Locked
Liver Cancer: Prevention12Locked
Maculopathy: Age-Related12Locked
Metabolic Syndrome X12Locked
Overweight 12Locked
Pesticide Toxicity 12Locked
Prostate Cancer22Locked
Radiation Induced Illness12Locked
Skin Diseases12Locked
Sleep Disorders12Locked
Testicular Injury: Nicotine-Induced12Locked
Wound Healing12Locked
Acid Reflux11Locked
Alzheimer's Disease11Locked
Benzo[a]pyrene-induced Toxicity 11Locked
Brain Inflammation 11Locked
Gastric Cancer11Locked
Gram-Negative Bacterial Infections11Locked
Gram-Positive Bacterial Infections11Locked
Heterocyclic Aromatic Amine Induced Toxicity11Locked
Pancreatic Cancer11Locked
Promyelocytic leukemia 11Locked
Testicular Injury: Chemical/Metal Induced11Locked
Xenobiotic Exposures11Locked
47 Pharmacological Actions Researched for Green Leafy Vegetables
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1 Abstracts with Green Leafy Vegetables
& Endothelial Dysfunction Research

Article Publish Status : This is a free article. Click here to read the complete article.
Pubmed Data : Food Nutr Res. 2016 ;60:32010. Epub 2016 Sep 9. PMID: 27616738
Study Type : Animal Study

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